Infinite Possibilities

Discover The Mialisia Jewelry Difference

Mialisia Jewelry is the most anticipated and talked about home party pre-launch in a decade!

They exceeded their growth expectations because of its exclusive “versastyle” patent-pending jewelry concept and competitive compensation plan, Mialisia is accepting applications for FOUNDING DESIGNERS until July 23rd at 11:59PM (central time)

Joining during prelaunch can make all the difference in your success. Because the sooner you join, the more time you have to build your team before Mialisia launches nationwide on July 24th 2013.get-attachment-2 18-34-54

Transform for passion into Income with Mialisia

Launch your own business as a Milaisia Designer. Create your own style, on your own schedule. Th Mialisia Compensation plan is one of the best in the industry including DYNAMIC COMPRESSION which is rarity in the home party business!

The Dynamic compression feature searches down into your organization levels to find the “leaders” within your lineage needed for structure/rank. For example, should your personal recruit (level 1) did not achieve a certain title/rank in a particular month needed for YOUR structure qualifications, the dynamic compression feature will search into your downline (your level 2 or further down if necessary) to find someone who did qualify and then compress them upward to your level 1 for “paid as” rank purposes. Ultimately, this will accomplish two things. First, it will help you promote upward in rank/title and could increase your income when others deeper in your downline happen to move up in rank more quickly than their sponsor. Second, dynamic compression will help minimize any loss of income in your pay should something unexpected happen to your personal recruit in a given month by compressing a deeper level leader upward in her place to qualify.




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