Where to Begin?

Over the past week I’ve been trying to write my first “official” blog post. I’ve spend countless hours writing and then I freeze right when I try to hit the “publish post” button because I’m afraid. Why you ask? Who know really. Writing has never been my strong suit, I was more of the math and science kind of girl in school. Then, since this is my first time actually writing a blog I’m still undecided of what I want to be my main focus to be. At first it was going to be just about my adventure and success with Mialisia but after thinking about this idea I realized I have so much to say and write about in my everyday, crazy life as a stay at home mom. So I’m thinking I will somehow found a way to tie the two together and make an awesome blog people will actually enjoy.

I’m looking at my blog as a child and it will have to grow; it will change as the days, weeks, months, and hopefully years pass by. I have challenged myself to write each day for a month starting today (hopefully I will actually hit the publish now button) and see where this goes. So here’s to me finally stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something I never thought I would.