A “wild” adventure with my girls


This past week I was searching for something new to do with my girls. Well I found this Wildlife rescue sanctuary about an hour away from us called the “Catty Shack“, it was such an amazing experience for my girls. They were in complete awe the whole time we were there.

My youngest would make a growling noise every-time the lion, Tal, would roar then she would start laughing hysterically.



My middle daughter was completely obsessed with a tiger named, Runty. I think he really had a thing for her too, or maybe he just thought she would make a good snack before dinner. There were probably about 30 people in our tour but the tiger and her had a staring contest for a least 5 minutes. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her nor could she. She’s still talking about her new “friend” Runty.



My oldest I think had the most enjoyment out of this whole adventure. She may only be 9 but she has wanted to be a zoologist since she was 3. She’s even gone as far as picking out the colleges she is considering. Go figure that none of them are on the east coast, I’m already having panic attacks over this and I still have 9 years before I really have to worry about this whole college thing! Ok I got a little side tracked here…she grew quite fond of a tiger named “Spider-Man” I’m not sure if its because of really liking him or if its because of the name and her hobby of comic books. Either way she told me she wanted to get involved with helping this rescues. I think it’s so awesome she wants to make a difference at such a young age. Unfortunately, she became very disappointed when she learned she had to be 16 before she could volunteer.


It was a very quite car ride home on her part, which is completely out of character for my talkative nine year old. So once we got home and put the little ones to bed I pulled her aside and asked what was wrong. Her response “mom, I’ve decided since I’m not old enough to volunteer I’m going to take all my allowance money so I can adopt a tiger”. What a proud mom I was at that very moment! She could spent her money on anything and she is choosing to give back and help a great cause. I told her I would Mach anything she saves to help contribute. Then I decided to do more, since this cause means so much to her and she couldn’t grasp the fact people, zoos, and theme parks abandoned these precious animals. I told her that each month I would take 10% of my Mialisia commission and donate it to the Catty Shack. She was so excited.

I can’t wait until our trip there!